Case Study: FileInvite

In 2015 FileInvite CEO James Sampson was running a thriving ecommerce website development business, Zyber. Business was going well but coordinating all of the content for hundreds of websites was challenging and time consuming. So, James Sampson solved the problem by developing a digital tool to manage information requests, notify stakeholders and keep everyone on track. Instantly, turnaround times and internal administration were reduced, and he knew he was on to a winner.

Why Register My Trade Mark?

People are asking us, “WHY BOTHER? I’ve been using the mark for years. Why register it now?” Here are some of the reasons for applying to register: 1. Your trade mark may be the most valuable asset in your business! If I could appropriate your trade mark, how much business would I get from the goodwill you have built around your trade mark over the years you have been using it?