Before applying for a trade mark we suggest you read our article  An Introduction to Trade Marks in New Zealand. If you are unsure as to what would be the best trade mark to apply for, for your business, please contact us and we will assist you in creating a suitable trade mark.

Once you have decided on the trade mark you want to register please send us the information in the box below or contact us so we can book a time to discuss your trade mark application case.

If you are looking at using your brand internationally we have access to specialist AI software that can perform a search of worldwide official trade mark registries & other databases to determine whether there are identical or similar trade marks in existence. It can also assist in determining whether the owner of a similar mark is likely to oppose your application or litigate.

Please print, sign and email or mail the Authorisation of Agent form which enables us to act on your behalf at the Intellectual property office of New Zealand (IPONZ).

Once we have received your instructions we will contact you for any other information which may be required. 

Here is a checklist of information required by us before applying for a trade mark.

  • Authorisation of Agent form signed and sent
  • Whether you would like us to perform a national, regional or international search of your proposed trade mark.
  • The full name, street address and nationality of the applicant, this could be an individual or company or organisation.
  • In the case of a device mark/logo, we require a good quality image of the device/logo for filing at IPONZ which can be a jpeg or png.
  • A list of countries or regional blocs where you intend to use your trade mark
  • If you have previously filed a trade mark in another country, the trade mark number and application date.
  • A certified translation of the convention document of the mark if it is not in English.
  • Your organisation’s website and some information about what your organisation does.
  • A list of the precise goods or services to be protected by your trade mark.
  • Is the trade mark is currently being used for some of the goods/services in New Zealand or are you proposing to use it in New Zealand?