Trade Mark Registration Services

NZMarks make trade mark registration easy. First we’ll take the time to understand your business and the intellectual property that you are wanting to protect. We’ll then develop a customised plan incorporating some or all of the following services. Have an obligation free chat to our friendly team today to find out how we can assist your business.

Trade Mark Background Search

This is an essential step in trade mark registration. Attempting to file a trade mark that already exists or is very similar to an existing trade mark can result in delays and costly disputes. We will conduct a thorough background search through numerous databases in order to identify any potential registration issues.

Name/Brand Generation

If you have a new business or product or need to rename/rebrand we can help you come up with a unique name or brand that fits your business and is easy to trade mark.

Trade Mark Registration

NZMarks take care of all aspects of registering your trade mark. This includes preparing the application, determining appropriate classes in which to file, filing the application with IPONZ (Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand) and keeping you updated with the application process every step of the way. For
International Trade Marks please see out International Trade Mark Services below

Trade Mark Renewal

To ensure ongoing intellectual property (IP) protection, a trade mark must be renewed every ten years. If we filed your original trade mark we will contact you when your trade mark is due to be renewed. We can also handle renewals for trade marks filed by other parties.

Ongoing Trade Mark Monitoring

For optimal IP protection we recommend regular monitoring of your trade marks in order to identify any potential issues from competitors quickly. Our team will run regular checks and advise you of any issues found along with recommendations for the best course of action to resolve those issues.

The team at NZ Marks were great to work with. The whole process was efficient and painless, and it was clear they knew their stuff. International trademark registration over multiple jurisdictions can be a minefield so it was great to work with a company who made the process easy and gave us confidence.

James Sampson Founder, CEO

Compliance Issues

NZMarks have processes and procedures in place to minimise compliance issues however they can still pop up from time to time. When they do, we leverage our 40+ years of experience in the Intellectual Property industry to resolve a compliance issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Opposition Filing

When a threat to your trade mark is identified we will advise you on the best course of action and take care of filing appropriate oppositions.

Opposition Resolution

Should an opposition be filed against your trade mark application, we will advise on the best course of action and take care of any appropriate paperwork.

Dispute Negotiation

No one wants to end up with a lengthy and costly court battle. NZMarks are expert negotiators and will do everything possible to negotiate an acceptable out of court resolution for your business.

Professional Liaison

In the rare occasions when a dispute is unable to be resolved out of court, we will use our extensive network of industry professionals and litigation experts to get you the best representation available.

It’s definitely worth getting NZMarks’ advice early on. They did a fantastic job of representing us. Thanks NZMarks

Nick Andreef, Founder, CEO, Waitomo Adventures Ltd, New Zealand

International Trade Mark Services

NZMarks offer a number of services relating to international trade marks and for international companies wishing to file trade marks in New Zealand.

International Trade Mark Registration

NZMarks can make international filings through both the Madrid system and within individual countries. We can advise on the right approach for your business and walk you through the process

New Zealand Trade Mark Registration for International Clients

NZMarks will liaise with IPONZ (Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand) on behalf of international clients and associates to fulfill all their New Zealand trade mark registration needs.

International Trade Mark Disputes

Should a dispute arise with an international trade mark your business will be required to have representation within the country in question. NZMarks have a broad network of trusted international associates and will liaise with them on your behalf to get the dispute resolved as quickly as possible.

New Zealand Non-Compliance Resolution for International Clients

Should you require representation within New Zealand to resolve a dispute, NZMarks are happy to act on your behalf with The New Zealand Patent Office (IPONZ) to resolve your compliance issue as quickly as possible.

NZ Marks has always been reliable and professional when handling our filings of trade marks in New Zealand. Thank you for your many years of prompt and excellent service.

Joseph E. Sutton, Esq, New York.

Free Resources

Our Resource Hub is loaded with information to assist you in your Trademarking journey.

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