Early beginnings

James Sampson, Founder Fileinvite & Zyber Ltd
FileInvite CEO
James Sampson

In 2015 FileInvite CEO James Sampson was running a thriving ecommerce website development business, Zyber. Business was going well but coordinating all of the content for hundreds of websites was challenging and time consuming. So, James Sampson solved the problem by developing a digital tool to manage information requests, notify stakeholders and keep everyone on track. Instantly, turnaround times and internal administration were reduced, and he knew he was on to a winner.

James decided to take the tool to the wider market and FileInvite was born. NZMarks were bought in at this point to help protect the new business’s brand.

The challenge

In the fast-moving digital world in which we live, FileInvite knew it was vital to be proactive about protecting their Intellectual Property. They wanted to secure their chosen name in the markets they wanted to expand while taking a pragmatic approach and not over-investing in IP protection until the business was further developed.

A customised solution

First and foremost, NZMarks worked to register the FileInvite® trademark in NZ to protect the startup. As part of that process, they also developed a harmonised specification suitable for the international markets FileInvite eventually wished to expand into. NZMarks used their AI trademark search software to develop a report that gave FileInvite the confidence they would be able to use and register the name internationally when they were ready.

FileInvite went from strength to strength and in just a few short years became a global business. For investors to feel comfortable with expansion, appropriate trademarks were a necessity. NZMarks worked quickly to register FileInvite® trademarks through he Madrid system, a fast and cost-effective strategy that gave confidence to investors that they could safely build the business in international markets with no threat of costly legal battles over their chosen brand name.

A bump in the road easily smoothed

When a small issue cropped up with the US trademark application, a US based attorney had to be appointed to act on FileInvite’s behalf. NZMarks were able to quickly coordinate the appointment of this attorney through their extensive network of International associates and the application advanced to registration with a minimum of fuss and cost.

The rest is history…

With international trademarks sorted, FileInvite was ready to expand and they did so swiftly and efficiently. Today, the company continues to grow and thrive, powering bank lending and brokerages across North America, Europe, and Australasia.

The team at NZ Marks were great to work with. The whole process was efficient and painless, and it was clear they knew their stuff. International trademark registration over multiple jurisdictions can be a minefield so it was great to work with a company who made the process easy and gave us confidence.

James Sampson, FileInvite CEO

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